The best upbeat trainer in town! I released 45 lbs. of fat, 10 inches off my waist, and 10 inches off my hips. My Dr. had originally wanted to put me on the statin Crestor, but I wanted to try Terry’s program first. The first 6 weeks of his exercise and nutritional program I lowered my cholesterol 100 points and my triglycerides by 147 points…all without any medications!


Paul traveled from Boston, MA just to train with Terry. He released 37 lbs. of fat and 9 inches off his waist in just 12 weeks!

Loren released 22.5 lbs of fat and 3 inches off his waist in only 21 days!



Joe released 14 lbs. of fat, 2 1/2 inches off his waist, and cured his chronic acid reflux condition in just 21 days!

Mark released 12 lbs. of fat, 3 inches off his waist and gained 4 lbs. of lean muscle in just 28 days!

Shortly after I began committing myself to Terry's L.E.A.N. Factor program I really did begin to realize the dramatic difference fitness and eating correctly can make in every aspect of my life. I quit smoking, rarely missed a workout and adopted the L.E.A.N. Factor eating program as a part of my life. The results were dramatic!

- AL A.

Margarita released 40 lbs. of fat overall, 3 inches off her waist and gained 4 lbs. of lean muscle in just 28 days!

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